System V Lining System

system5liningsystemThe System V Lining System main or work screen is composed of several panels, which are continuously updated as the machine operates. Each panel is devoted to a particular function or group of functions, which are listed in the chart.

The System V Lining System is based on pre-plotting of the curve either by the tamper and utilization of this alignment data to program the correction of the track prior to performing this correction. The current position of the track, the corrected alignment, the anticipated “throws” of the track, the time, data, and track position can be plotted on board the machine or viewed on the operator’s display screen. The machine control processor will perform an analysis of this curve data and generate a best correction of the curve for consideration. If not acceptable, this can be manually modified by “rubber banding” to the desired position. The graphic output of the system, using colors, highlights the various on-screen information.