Harsco Rail is currently registered to ISO 9001:2008 and has been registered for over 15 years. ISO 9001:2008 registration gives Harsco Rail the benefit of having an objectively evaluated and enforced quality management system. In effect, registration to this standard is a tangible expression of Harsco Rail's commitment to quality based on an internationally recognized and accepted standard.
ISO 9001:2008 Global Certificate*

*Protran Technology and US Contract Services are not covered under the ISO 9001 scope of registration.

Harsco Rail with its commitment to continuous improvement is certified to EN 15085-2, CL1. With a strong background in the European Union railway vehicles dating back to 1993, Harsco Rail has a well established welding program with many welders certified to the European demands. Our welders have the skills to weld materials to EN standards including welding of steel, cast steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. With onsite certified IIW International Welding Engineers, Harsco Rail is at the leading edge of producing quality railway maintenance of way equipment and services. We are one of only about a dozen manufacturers in the United States who currently hold this high level of certification. Certification to the EN 15085 standard is just one more way to prove that Harsco Rail is committed to excellence and quality in the products that we manufacture and the service that we provide.
Harsco Rail Columbia SC EN 15085-2 Certificate
Harsco Rail Ludington EN 15085-2 Certificate


Harsco Rail has a contractual obligation with MTA to provide information about reporting fraud in New York. Read more about Protections for Reporting Fraud in New York.