Spreader Ditcher

Spreader Ditcher

Harsco Rail’s Spreader Ditcher is a highly versatile machine that is used to plow heavy snow, spread ballast, and cut trackside ditches. It is equipped with an operator control cab, front plow, side wings, two non-powered bogies, AAR couplers, and an APU for electrical/hydraulic power. It is pushed by one or multiple locomotives to achieve high traction and speed for max plowing effectiveness.


  • Plows and spreads snow or ballast
  • Cuts ice from tracks
  • Ditches and slopes ballast cross section
  • Front plow clears in “V” formation or as a straight plow to the left or the right
  • Clears fouled ballast from tie ends
  • Carries and distributes new ballast

Key Specifications:

53 ft.
160,000 lbs.
50 mph
Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
For on-board electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power
Engineer to Order
Machines are designed to meet the customer’s specifications

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