Light Duty 1515

Light Duty 1515

Harsco Rail‘s LD 1515 HY-RAIL® guide wheel equipment is used to adapt light duty trucks and utility vehicles for highway and railway travel. The truck must meet Harsco Rail’s recommended vehicle specifications. The LD 1515 has a rugged, compact design that continuously provides the durability needed on the track, and festures hydraulic locks, electrical track insulation, and mechanical safety pins.


  • Rugged, compact design for reliability
  • Coil spring suspension with over load protection
  • Sealed wheel bearing, requires no maintenance
  • Noise suppression steel wheels for improved operator noise comfort
  • Hydraulic locks for secure position holding and control
  • Over center rotation in rail position

Key Specifications:

Truck Applications
Ford F250 & F350; Chevrolet 2500 & 3500
11,500 lbs. (5,215 kg)
Tread Wheels
Steel or Rubber
Mid-mount fuel tank required
Rear fuel tank not allowed
Payload rating
¾ & 1 ton
Max vehicle speed on rail
45 mph
Rear tow hitch

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