Medium Duty 1920

Medium Duty 1920

The Harsco Rail MD 1920 HY-RAIL® guide wheel equipment is used to adapt medium duty chassis-cab trucks for highway and railway travel. The truck must meet Harsco Rail’s recommended vehicle specifications. The MD 1920 has a rugged, compact design that continuously provides the durability needed on the track, and features hydraulic locks, electrical track insulation, and mechanical safety pins.


  • Rugged, compact design for reliability
  • Rear unit positions guide wheels close to tires for improved tracking on rail
  • Hydraulic locks for secure position holding and control

Key Specifications:

Medium duty cab chassis truck applications
Ford F450, F550; Dodge 5500
19,500 lbs. (8,844 kg)
Max vehicle speed on rail
35 mph
Guide wheel tread diameter
11 in. (279.4 mm)
Weight of front & rear units
840 lbs.

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