Drone Tamper

Drone Tamper

Harsco Rail’s Drone Tamper utilizes continuous action technology. The Drone Tamper converts a standard production/switch tamper into a high production, switch capable operation. A map of the tamped and un-tamped ties is transmitted via wireless radios from the lead tamper to the Drone Tamper. By increasing production rates and reducing operating costs, the Drone technology makes it easier to maintain your track.


  • Production rate up to 1 mph
  • Works on wood or concrete ties
  • Ability to tamp unevenly spaced and skewed ties
  • Automatically starts/stops based on distance to lead
  • LED worklights for visibility at night
  • Rapid on-site set up. Less than 5 minutes

Key Specifications:

9.7 m (32 ft.)
2.7 m (9 ft.)
3.3 m (11 ft.)
Machine Weight
25,055 kg (57,000 lbs.)
Wheels & Axles
711 mm (28 in.) cast steel (AAR profile) wheels on solid forged steel axles
Engineer to Order
Machines are designed to meet the customer’s specifications