Track Stabilizer (TS-30)

Track Stabilizer (TS-30)

Harsco Rail’s Track Stabilizer, Model TS-30, stabilizes the track by inserting controlled and accurate force directly into the track structure. The operator has the ability to set the desired down-feed pressure for each rail and the machine maintains that constant pressure until the operator changes it.


  • Reduces slow orders after tie change-out or undercutting operations
  • Maintains established crosslevel

Key Specifications:

Roller clamp assembly
Includes four hydraulic cylinders that are each controlled by a proportional valve
Work speed
0-3 mph
Vibration frequency:
0-50 Hz
Horizontal forces
Up to 50 tons at 50 Hz (proportional to the vibration speed)
Curves up to 14 degrees
Engineer to Order
Machines are designed to meet the customer’s specifications

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