925SS Tie Inserter/Remover

925SS Tie Inserter/Remover

Harsco Rail’s 925SS is a single stroke tie inserter/remover. Its economic feasibility and consistent dependability allow it to be used on almost any tie renewal project. The 925SS also has a clean and simple design that makes it easy to maintain and repair.

This machines is ideal for replacing switch ties, which is done manually on many railroads and also provides significant maintenance assistance when a railroad is under pressure to remove slow orders from a stretch of track.

Sometimes the 925SS is strictly used as a tie remover. If environmental restrictions make a one-piece tie removal desirable or mandatory, it can be used advantageously in large, traditional tie gangs.


  • Extracting Force: Up to 8,636 kg (19,000 lbs.)
  • Rail Lifting: Lifting force is 17,727 kg (39,000 lbs.)

Key Specifications:

5.03 m (16.5 ft.)
5,455 kg (12,000 lbs.)
Travel Speed
40 km/h (25 mph)
Engineer to Order
Machines are designed to meet the customer’s specifications