Drone Anchor Adjuster

Drone Anchor Adjuster

Harsco Rail’s Drone Anchor Adjuster is a continuous action machine designed to automatically and safely travel on rail while continuously adjusting the positional relationship of the rail’s anchors to the ties. The Drone Anchor Adjuster squeezes all four anchors on each tie and is used for out of face anchor squeezing. By increasing production rates and reducing operating costs, the Drone technology makes it easier to maintain your track.


  • Production rate of at least 21 ties per minute
  • Used for out of face anchor squeezing
  • Can be pre-set to squeeze at every tie or every other tie
  • Squeezes all types of anchors
  • Emergency stops at each corner of the machine

Key Specifications:

7.92 m (26 ft.)
Weight (dry)
9,979 kg (22,000 lbs.)
Max Work Speed
10 mph
Max Work Grade
4 degrees
Max Towed Speed
30 mph
Working Hydraulic Pressure
3,000 psi
Engineer to Order
Machines are designed to meet the customer’s specifications