TR-10 Production Tie Exchanger

TR-10 Production Tie Exchanger

Harsco Rail’s TR-10 Tie Exchanger executes efficiency with tie removal/insertion on the track. The machine features a workhead on both sides of the machine to remove and insert ties from either side of the track without needing to rotate the unit. The TR-10 manages efficiency on the job site while maintaining a safe work environment.


  • Extracting Force: Up to 8,654 kg (19,080 lbs.)
  • Inserting Force: Up to 6,146 kg (13,550 lbs.)
  • Tie Removal Stroke: 1,935 mm (76.875 in.)
  • Removes or inserts ties from either side of the track
  • Maintains track alignment while changing ties
  • Rail-mounted operator’s seat can be easily traversed
  • Handles switch ties with ease

Key Specifications:

9.5 m (31.4 ft.)
16,782 kg (37,000 lbs.)
Travel Speed
48 km/h (30 mph)
Welded 508 mm (20 in.) steel “l” beam construction
Rail Clamps
Ball of rail type clamps lock the rail in alignment
Rail Lifting
Truss type
Engineer to Order
Machines are designed to meet the customer’s specifications