P811S Track Renewal System

P811S Track Renewal System

Harsco Rail’s P811 track renewal system provides the durability and reliability needed in maintenance of way equipment. The P811 effectively handles crossties, anchors, spikes, and rail in track renewal operations.


  • Removes and replaces crossties
  • Pulls and reclaims spikes
  • Removes and collects rail anchors
  • Removes the old rail and installs the new rail

Key Specifications:

Travel Speed
Towed - Up to 80 km/h (50 mph)
Traction During Operation
4 powered bogies
Working Speed
600 m/hr (2,000 ft/hr)
Ballast Regulation
Over a width of about 2.79 m (110 in.)
Plow Height Adjustment
152.4 mm (6 in.)
Engineer to Order
Machines are designed to meet the customer’s specifications

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