COLUMBIA, SC (September 10, 2014)...Worldwide rail infrastructure and maintenance company, Harsco Rail, a division of Harsco Corporation, signed an agreement providing Harsco with exclusive worldwide sales and marketing of MRail's vertical track deflection measurement technology.

MRail Vertical Track Deflection Technology is already in service and has been tested on Class 1 railroads in North America. It has shown to be a valuable asset to plan track maintenance, reduce track maintenance cost, improve safety, and evaluate maintenance practices. The technology was developed in cooperation and support of the USA Federal Railway Administration and the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Information provided by the MRail system will allow railways to evaluate track support conditions over time and identify locations that require maintenance prior to becoming safety issues. Unlike traditional track geometry measurements, MRail provides absolute deflection as opposed to plane surface or space curve geometry.

Harsco Rail will predominately supply this product as an aftermarket kit with a data service backend to go on customers' vehicles for inspection and maintenance planning. Their role is to market and sell as well as to provide installation, field service, and analytics support.

"Harsco Rail has the global sales and marketing, engineering, field service, nameplate, and facilities to develop MRail Vertical Track Deflection into a cost savings and safety enhancement technology for the global railway market," shared Dr. Shane Farritor, MRail Inc. Chairman.

Jim Resio, Harsco Rail's Senior Director of Intelligent Solutions, shared, "We are looking forward to working closely with MRail, building each of our product and service offerings. MRail 's Vertical Track Deflection Technology is a great complement to Harsco's technology offerings, and this partnership will ultimately improve safety and productivity for our customers."

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