COLUMBIA, SC (JANUARY 2, 2013)…Worldwide railway maintenance and construction company, Harsco Rail, a division of Harsco Corporation announces deliveries for its updated Spreader-Ditcher machine.

The Harsco Spreader-Ditcher is a highly versatile machine that is used to plow heavy snow, spread ballast and cut trackside ditches. At 150,000 lbs, and 50 feet long, it is equipped with an operator control cab, front plow, side wings, two non-powered bogies, AAR couplers, and an APU for electrical/hydraulic power. It is pushed by one or multiple locomotives to achieve high traction and speed for maximum plowing effectiveness. Originally designed in the 1960’s, the Harsco Spreader-Ditcher has been updated to meet today’s market requirements.

This latest version includes many new features and options such as in-cab locomotive controls, hydraulic locks, insulated walkways, heated windows, train line air brake controls, and egress safety windows. With these updated machines, the railroad will not only fend-off snow and ice, but also achieve benefits in ballast spreading and ditching efforts.

Recently, two railroads recognized a significant need for an updated machine to assist with their winter maintenance and summer roadbed re-profiling programs. With winter approaching, these railroads ordered Harsco Spreader-Ditchers in order to prepare for a heavy snow and ice that will potentially cover their tracks, slow transportation and interfere with their maintenance efforts. The first updated Harsco Rail Spreader-Ditcher machine was delivered in December 2012; the second to be delivered in January 2013.

Harsco Rail is a worldwide operating segment of Harsco Corporation, a global diversified industrial company serving the metals, construction, rail, and energy industries. Company information can be found at, and additional information can be found at

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