Heavy Duty 4141

Heavy Duty 4141

Harsco Rail's HD 4141 HY-RAIL® guide wheel attachment is used to adapt heavy-duty, chassis-cab trucks, meeting Harsco Rail‘s recommended vehicle specifications for highway and railway applications. The HD 4141 has a rugged, compact design that continuously provides the durability needed on the track, and features hydraulic locks, electrical track insulation, and mechanical safety pins.


  • Rugged, compact design for durability
  • Front unit uses trucks suspension for smooth ride
  • Rear unit has side shift action for faster positioning of truck onto rails
  • Hydraulic locks for secure position holding and control
  • Demountable bolt on guide wheels for faster replacement, reduced maintenance costs, and safer handling

Key Specifications:

Heavy Duty cab chassis truck applications
International, Freightliner, Sterling
Over 33,000 lbs. (14,966 kg)
Max vehicle speed on rail
25 mph
Guide wheel tread diameter
16 in. (406 mm)
Weight of front & rear units combined
2,340 lbs.

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