Environmental, Health, & Safety

Harsco Rail is committed to the Environmental, Health, & Safety (EH&S) factors that impact our employees and customers. Through expert training, constant awareness, and employee engagement, Harsco Rail ensures quality EH&S practices throughout our business.

Top 5 Safety Tips - Reducing risk of accidents and injuries
  1. Remember good housekeeping — misplaced materials can fall, injuring a person, while also creating a tripping hazard on the ground

  2. Never leave tools or loose objects on window ledges, overhead shelves or work platforms

  3. Leave screens and guards in place on equipment whenever there is a danger of objects breaking off

  4. Always stack and store objects properly, making sure piles are stable and secure

  5. When working with compressed air, wear the proper protective equipment, reduce the air pressure to 30 pounds per square inch (if used for cleaning) and never clean clothing with compressed air.

Promoting healthy lifestyles Harsco Rail promotes a healthy lifestyle for all employees. Recently, Harsco Rail installed an in-house fitness facility, making it convenient for employees to stay active.Fitness Center Gallery

Harsco Rail promotes Zero Harm to the environment through recycling initiatives, machine manufacturing and operations, and promoting environmentally friendly habits overall.